Nostalgic Synth Pop & Retrowave Music

The Co$t of Life is a solo synth/pop/rock musical project by Colorado songwriter and musician, Jason Irving. It combines Jason's favorite elements of electronica, 80's pop and synthwave, punk and rock to create songs with a flair for nostalgia mixed with contemporary sounds. He does not shy away from addressing issues that he feels impact individuals and society as a whole in our modern age, and desires to offer hope and empathy in challenging times. 

"Love that old school 80s vibe, great synth sounds."   

"cool soundscape and instrumentation.... vocals cut deep too....✌️🤘👊"

"This is a great introspective song. It reminds us that we're all searchers..." 

"The cost of living may be too high but your music makes it worth while 🔥"

"This rock music is worth a million streams."

"I like the dynamics and performance. Very nice and pleasant listening." 

"🔥 One of the best songs I've heard in a while." 

"smashed it 😍" 

"Great vocals and overall sound on the track! Real talent bro" 

"Beatiful rock track with classical arrangement. Thank you, it was a pleasure to listen to!"