The Co$t of Life stands as a synth-pop and retrowave solo project, orchestrated by Colorado songwriter and musician, Jason Irving. For Jason, music serves as both an adventure and a sanctuary, drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences ranging from the nostalgic pop tunes of the 80s to the rich melodies synonymous with Mutemath and The Midnight, the ambient beats of electronica, and the cinematic scores crafted by composers like Thomas Newman.

Raised in Morrison, Colorado, Jason's early years were marked by a love for sports, particularly basketball and baseball. However, as he realized the challenge posed by his initial small stature in competitive sports, music emerged as his true passion. The rock sounds of Green Day, Offspring, Metallica, and 90's techno provided the soundtrack to his formative years, compelling him to pick up the guitar after witnessing a heavy metal band perform at his high school talent show.

After taking some guitar lessons from future Megadeth star, Chris Broderick, at a small music store in downtown Littleton, Jason embarked on a musical journey that led to the formation of the pop-punk band Suburbia's Finest during his junior year. Winning the high school talent show and organizing successful concerts propelled the band into the local spotlight, sharing stages with national acts like Alkaline Trio, Fenix TX, Good Riddance, Homegrown, Diesel Boy, Five Iron Frenzy, SNFU,  and many others.

Following creative differences with the band, Jason's musical ambitions were put on hold as he pursued higher education, delving into Psychology and Political Science before enlisting in the U.S. Army as a Mental Health Specialist. His journey continued with a stint in Germany, where a newfound love for travel blossomed, eventually leading him to Tokyo after his release, where he taught English.

Upon his return to the U.S., Jason began a career in finance, met his wife Allison, and began building a family. Although Jason's musical ambitions had taken a pause, they had never left.

In 2022, the allure of creativity rekindled as he explored new technologies that allowed him to explore new musical styles, resulting in the birth of The Co$t of Life.

Jason envisions his music as a vessel to address contemporary issues, infusing hope into challenging times. The solo project, driven by Jason's multi-instrumental prowess, has released singles like "Destination Unknown," Search the Night", "Where the 80's Music Played," and "Like Any Other Day," each bearing the distinctive blend of electronic beats, guitars, bass, and synths.

Though The Co$t of Life is not yet dedicated to live experiences, the project resonates with a unique sonic palette. Jason's faith subtly influences many songs, exploring existential ideas while maintaining a universal appeal.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Mutemath, known for their experimental synthesis of synths and guitars, and Linkin Park, whose blend of clean and distorted guitars has left a lasting imprint, Jason crafts music with a distinct retro flair and modern sensibility.

Looking ahead, The Co$t of Life aims to build a devoted fan base and bring its unique sounds to an appreciative audience. Jason's long-term goals include producing a studio album, exploring opportunities for live performances, and pursuing sync placements in TV, films, video games, and beyond.